Summer’s Sizzling


Beating The Heat

Grilling, chilling and everything under the sun… literally.

When a piece of equipment is down, it’s never expected and it’s certainly never at the ‘right’ time.  Everything’s working over time this time of year, your staff, you and your equipment.  The industry is up right now with the economy, but have you changed any of your practices since it’s been going up?

Summer is sizzling and your dinner crowd is going to become longer and longer, it’s going to seem like dinner starts at 11am.  If you’re out of school or have a slow time then are you defrosting everything AMD taking advantage of the down time?  We all forget about system maintenance and cleaning when we’re busy but when you’re feeling tired from the extra hours you’re putting in don’t forget about your equipment overtime too.

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A Tip from the Expert:

It can be hard to stay on task and avoid the must do list this time of year, but what’s the reward at the end of the road?  Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I find it hard to stay focused on work as much as I do in the winter months.  Between family trips, the kids being out of school and all the other outdoor activity possibilities thinking into the next quarter can be a challenge.

Something that I’ve started to do is setting a stronger timeline or deadline for myself and my staff. Allowing them to have a little more control of their own schedule helps moral and efficiency I’ve found.  As long as tasks are still getting done seamlessly I have no issue incentivizing staff.  I’ve also found that I’m learning more about the hard workers and everyone is reaching their max workload, but with their own agenda.

Kitchen Upgrade Summer Series

Upgrading Your Kitchen on an Unpredictable Schedule

Summer is around the corner and whether that means schools out and the kids are home, or an evening restaurant rush seven days a week there’s still enough time to be on top of your game and upgrade your kitchen.
If you’re in the grocery store arena you may be seeing some declines this summer with lots of people traveling and eating out more often since the weather is hard to compete with.  Or if you’re on the cusp of your busy season you might be thinking, ‘can my dishwasher really handle seven nights a week, ten hours a day?’ With this year’s predictions of record setting temperatures people will start to feel like their kitchen is the last place they want to be and rely on you for their meals; which means a great summer for you!
An upgraded kitchen is on everyone’s wish list, but the reality is, it doesn’t have to happen all at once.
We can help with our Kitchen Upgrade Summer Series promotion.  We’re here to help you grow!