👀Tips to Prevent Down Time 👀

Helpful tips to prevent down time:

  • Unplug, clean, and sanitize equipment that hasn’t been used in a while to keep functionality.
  • Monitor your fridge, freezer and other equipment daily for maintained temperature checks to help ensure your food doesn’t expire.
  • Keep an ear out for any abnormal sounds your equipment is making, if something sounds unusual calling us right away can help save you money!

Did you know that Fall can mean wear and tear on your service food equipment?  
Not only is the temperature change a great reminder to service equipment, Hobart has how-to resources to save you time and money on your current equipment!  
Summer has come and gone and weather it was another all-star year or a little slower than usual, your equipment got a workout.  From sitting stagnate to being overworked it all plays a roll into Fall. 

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