April 2017 Newsletter

Cinco, Mother’s Day & Busy Season

Cinco de Mayo is a great way to spice things up in the kitchen and enjoy the beginning of patio season!  Research says that when you plan and pre-promote an event around a specific day traffic day of increases 30%.  So, if you’re looking for a little added business this week why not add a special spice to your menu and talk about it on social media.  This allows your customers to look forward to what you have to offer all week, and hey maybe even a little word of mouth advertising that they’ll get a bigger group to go out since they have time to plan.

It’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is the busiest reservation day, but how are you setting yourself apart from the competition.  Make mom’s day a tradition for years to come by creating a menu that’s fresh!

College students will return home soon and we know what that means, busy season is coming and that means more people through your door.  We can help with maintenance check up’s down to cut down, down time!

What’s our favorite part of Spring?  Spring cleaning!  Whether you’re looking to replace some essentials in your kitchen or get a Spring tune-up, it’s the perfect time!

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