Be Prepared to Reopen!

Staying Positive
Be ready for your customers!

We’ve been listening… a lot of people are ready for things to ‘get back to normal’.  With the uncertainty of the current situation we want to make sure you’re ready when the time comes to welcome people back into your stores and restaurants.  Sure, things will be different, but rest assured that you’re ready to go when people are able to come back.

Whole Kitchen Inspection Includes:

– Check switches
– Check for leaks 
– Lubricate/Grease
– Calibrate temps
– Check motor
– Check gaskets
– Check bearings
– Check power cords
– Check general hardware
– Gas Equipment
– Electric Equipment
– Ice Machine
– Refrigeration
– Dishwasher

Stay Ahead of the Game:

Our newest XOI Technology we offer limited in-person contact when in the field. Once your service is complete, an electronic copy of your service report will be emailed to you with a URL link to the XOi secure cloud server.

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