Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Hobart Grand Rapids, MI

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We are grateful for our amazing team that works to create an environment we’re proud of.

Spring Maintenance

March means Spring cleaning, if you need a refresher on what should be maintained, we have a breakdown for you.

Or maybe you need to a reminder of how to clean all your commercial food equipment correctly? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Industry News

There’s no question about the repercussions that COVID has created towards the worker crisis. It seems like now, everyone can use a helping hand. How can you get more applications for the new job opening?

In a recent report about this crisis, specifically in the restaurant industry, it was found that 49% of employers turned to social media to seek out workers. As well, 57% of restaurants reported offering benefits to make the job more attractive. Think about adding these tactics to your hiring strategy.

Spring Menu Trends

Spring Menu Trends by Hobart Grand Rapids
Looking to change up your menu for the coming season? There are a few trends that have made their way into the commercial food industry that can help your business stay in the game. Mainly, whole foods are taking over the industry. There is a huge focus right now on plant-based and whole-food items. From plant-based seafood to creamy vegan ice cream, the plants are taking over the spring menu.

Now Servicing Kalamazoo and Battle Creek!

Hobart Service areas - Battle Creek and Kalamazoo

Extending Service Locations!

Service now available in

Kalamazoo and Battle Creek!

February Service Check

Servicing from Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and MORE .

We’re expanding our Commercial Food Equipment services here at Hobart. In order to ensure every business has access to the service they need, we have expanded to the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo area. Now is the perfect time to have our team check in on your equipment. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Valent-ICE Sculpture

World of Winter is happening right now in Grand Rapids. This year at Hobart, we’re sponsoring the Valent-ICE event happening February 11th at 12:00 PM and 18th at 1:00 PM. This event showcases dozens of ice sculptures throughout the downtown Grand Rapids area. Looking for more information? Click the link below!

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - World of Winter

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

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2022 Preventive Maintenance

Food Equipment Maintenance

New Year Maintenance

Start the year off right by checking in on your equipment.

Start the year off with a service check.

There’s no better way to go into the new year than knowing your equipment is in top shape. You can achieve this by contacting our team to come in for a service check! Add keeping up on preventive maintenance to your business goals this year to ensure the life of your equipment. Ready to place a service call? Click the link below!

A Clean Start

The new year is a perfect time to start fresh! Nothing’s better than clean equipment that you know is working right. At Hobart, we understand you want to do the cleaning job done right the first time. Check out this video below, and so much more on our YouTube channel, to see if you’re cleaning your dishwasher correctly.

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Restaurant Week Sponsors, Means Discounts for YOU!

15% off of a service contract

Here to Support

We give our support to the restaurants of West Michigan, and that means if you participate in Restaurant Week this November, you are eligible to receive 15% off of a service contract.

Fall FavoritesWelcome to October! Fall is in full swing. What does that mean to you? Fresh apples from orchards, blooming colors on falling leaves, and our favorite – the rich taste of fall recipes!Looking for a place to source local apples?Moelkers Orchard and Farmers Market, Versluis Orchards and Robinette’s Apple Haus and winery are some of our favorite spots.

Apple Cobbler
We think this would look great on your Fall menu! Apple Cobbler that no one can resist during a brisk October Sunday.

Restaurant Week Sponsors, Means Discounts for YOU!


Here to Support

We give our support to the restaurants of the Grand Rapids area. All restaurants that participate in RWGR 2021 are eligible to receive a 15% discount off of a service contract.

Restaurant Relief

Michigan to Invest Millions into Businesses.

  • Up to 20,000 in grants towards:
    • Mortgage
    • Rent
    • Taxes
    • Payroll
    • Operating expenses
  • 25 million for small businesses with less than 9 employees
  • 125 million for businesses that did not qualify for other incentives
  • 75 million towards startups that help the community thrive

Get the full details here!

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3 Months of Service ON US!

Sign-up for a 1 year service contract, in the month of July, and get 3 months on us

Hobart GR will come out to inspect any issues that may be causing you down time, and offer predictive maintenance to avoid and further costly expenses.


Restaurant owners – with the new guidelines in place for reopening, the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association has been working hard on their reopening guide.

Restaurant Supply Grand Rapids, MI

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store - Remote Service

Need some guidance? Use our remote service assistance by sending a picture.

Diving into Food Holidays

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - Valentines Day Restaurant Promotions

Take Advantage of Spending Habits

As some small, or ‘Hallmark Holidays’, are around the corner we love this time of year.  Since people will be out in the next couple of weekends and dining why not use your menus or promotions to your advantage?  71% of Americans planned to dine out for the holiday, according to a previous OpenTable survey, while most of them report they are currently making reservations around lunch time when they get the chance in the upcoming week.  Weather your books are looking a little little light, or you’re already over booked what are your plans for the night of?
Around 46% of diners pick steakhouses, so there’s plenty of room for YOU to  think outside the box when it comes to your menu!

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - Place a service call

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - Service Techs 24/7

Stay Ahead of the Game:

Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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🎊 New Year, New Goals 🎊

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - January Restaurant News

Setting your goals for 2020

We’ve always found that setting goals can be 2-fold, we start out cheery and optimistic, but in second quarter if things aren’t going perfect it’s hard to stay positive.  Well, after years of experience of running a local business we do know one thing, reliability is our number one priority and how we measure our success year-to-year.

That’s just it, how do you measure your success?  Is it revenue, new menu items, how quickly you can serve a client, or maybe employee retention?  All of these are key performance indicators that can very in the industry, but is our suggestion to consider when placing your 2020 goals.

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - Service Techs 24/7

Stay Ahead of the Game:

Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - How to sharpen a Hobart slicer

Have you seen our YouTube videos yet?  Get tips on how to keep your equipment at it’s best all year round!

🌲It’s the Holiday (Banquet) Season🌲

Merry Christmas We’re Here for you in the New Year!

We’ve made it this far in the holiday season and we’re headed for the home stretch!  How can we help you finish off 2019 with a bang?  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your business, we truly appreciate everything you do!

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - Restaurant Supply Store

🎉 It’s the Holiday Season 🎉

Did you know more and more people are turning to restaurants for to-go meals on Thanksgiving?  More than side dishes, they’re looking for the whole kit and caboodle that looks like they made it.  No shame in that.  Have you tried offering meals to go?  Or if not the whole meal, how about the desserts?  Adding in some options could gain some added revenue.

Turn the front of house staff into reservations masters in 6 steps – 

  1. Create efficient processes for large reservations.
  2. Educate staff to educate customers. 
  3. Stay organized. 

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Stay Ahead of the Game:

Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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