April 2018 Newsletter

Spring into a Fresh Season

You’re probably planning what’s up next for your food menu and what will keep your business busy.  Well, as you plan for the next season of Spring we have some tips and trends that are on the trending edge.

Cultural food is just the beginning!  From Mexican, Peruvian and Brazilian, oh, and did we mention Hawaiian?  That’s right, Poke bowls are becoming even more popular in all different varieties.

All we can say is keep the variety coming, if cultural food isn’t your thing more other trends on the horizon continue with meatless burgers, heme, on the grill and our favorite hyper local!

March 2018 Newsletter

If You’re Ready for Spring

…raise your hand.  We’ve overkilled on prep techniques, but how’s the implementation going?  Time changes bring the season of change and the end of first quarter, but have your business goals been met?  If you’re looking to grow, you’re certainly not the only one!
Small business restaurant demand is up and that means workers are needed now more than ever.  In fact, the demand for small business restaurant workers is up 355% over the past four years!

What does this mean for you?  Demand for workers means business is good, but how will you find good employees to help keep face?  Vet, review and share

February 2018 Newsletter

Consumers Heat up the Winter

February is bringing another taste of winter, but consumers will be flocking in to stay warm this Valentines Day, with a reported $3.7 billion on a night out.  What are you doing to help bring in some of that ‘date night’ money?

Even if you’re not hot on the idea, of what some say is a Hallmark holiday, patrons participating in the tradition plan to spend $19.6 billion overall on the holiday in some fashion, up from last year.

January 2018 Newsletter

We cooked, hosted and gave… now what?

A new year isn’t always easy to start on the right foot, especially when you’ve spent the last two months focused on holidays and parties.  Now the that clock has struck midnight, we want to help you put your best foot forward.  Easy said then done though, right?  Well, our tips to you are this:
Prepare, follow through and set your business up for success.  Read more…

December 2017 Newsletter

Stir, Mix & Whip It Up

The holidays are around the corner and we all know what that means.  Tons of catering, parties, lots of friendly gatherings, not to mention the weather’s taking a turn and the kids are home for Christmas break.  While we’re all guilty of burning the candle at both ends with the hustle and bustle, maybe we can make the most of the holiday season with a plan to maximize the holiday ROI, ensuring 2018 kicks off on a high.  Read more…

November 2017 Newsletter

Your Thanksgiving Set-up in Mind

There’s no chance in fighting it, the holidays season is here.  From Thanksgiving banquet set-up, to a menu that sets you apart; all the while the balance of your staff and reservation monitoring can be a lot to manage.  For some of us we’re used to the thought of being open for our guests around the holidays, but for others there may be a decision to make, should you stay open for Thanksgiving?

Are you willing to put in the leg work before hand to set the theme and welcoming atmosphere to have your patrons return for  family holiday?  Do you have the time to add those extra touches for the biggest food holiday of the year?  If you’re already thinking about how you can utilize your current down time, open your doors, take reservations early and ask about special accommodations so when the 23rd arrives, you’re set to go!  Read more…

October 2017 Newsletter

Simple Steps to a Small Business Plan

As we tread into the last quarter of the year, one thing is on everyone’s mind, how can we make the last quarter count?  Weather this is the best year in the books, or if you’re hoping to make up some losses in previous quarters this is a great time to analyze year-over-year.

Budgets are always tough to stick to, try as we might, but what’s your cushion?  Read more…

September 2017 Newsletter

Flavorful Fall & Recipes to Match 

Before the leaves change there’s lots of things to look froward to – kicking off tailgate season, cooler weather and TONS and TONS of apples.  So, what does this mean for our guests when they come in?  There’s something new to look forward to, and some old favorites to rekindle from the this time last year.  Some staples are best left on the menu, like butternut squash soup, but digging up some new ideas are exactly what will keep your diners coming back!  Read more…

July 2018 Newsletter

The New School Year

Weather you’re getting ready for your own kids to go back to school, if you’re going back to school yourself or your staff is going back to school it’s that time of year again.  It’s an exciting time, but also can be a tough time to transition.

For those of you working in the school system long days are ahead and we’ve got some tips to make your days easier!

Or if your staff headed off to school?  Keep reading for some new marketing menu ideas.  Read more…

June 2017 Newsletter

Beer Pairings, Special Events & Summer Tips  

We’ve seen how the beer industry continues to grow, but are we growing with it?  Beers can enhance the flavor of the foods we’re cooking and pairing foods with specific beers can even take it to the next level, but how often is our staff telling our patrons about the work that’s gone into these selections?  Use beer pairings and meals to not only increase your summer sales, but excitement to dine with you!  Read more…