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-This holiday season, don’t leave cards on the table – 

Now that’s it’s officially the holiday season, we’re all burning the candle on both ends.  Focusing efforts on gift shopping, working on new menus, incentives for gift cards, not to mention all of the holiday get togethers and catering events.  Well, what are you doing to ensure that you’re gift card sales and catering events will top last years numbers?

Many businesses choose to incentivize customers by offering ‘gift card amounts back’, after purchasing a certain dollar amount, but is your offer enough?  We’ve done a little research for you to see if your offers match up with competitors.  We’ve seen that $5 back with a $50 gift card purchase is just not going to cut it.  More and more LOCAL small businesses are stepping it up this year, offering $5 back after just a $25 gift card purchase.  So where do you stand?

One other thing we found is offering in store incentives, outside of being able to purchase gift cards at the grocery store, what are you offering your patrons that come through your door?  10% off an entree with gift card purchase?  A certain drink special?  Maybe even a free appetizer?

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