Reopening Your Kitchen

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Opening after a temporary shut-down:

Hobart Grand Rapids is helping restaurant and bakeries get back on their feet fast with a comprehensive Predictive Maintenance check on ALL food equipment:

This whole kitchen inspection and service includes:

  • Check switches, controls, timers, indicator lights, etc. for proper operation
  • Calibrate temps
  • Check motor
  • Check gaskets
  • Check bearings
  • Check power cords
  • Check general hardware
  • Check for leaks (water, gas, steam)
  • Lubricate/grease as needed

Gas Equipment

  • Check blower fan, burners, orifices, etc.
  • Check gas pressure
  • Clean burners, pilot assembly, orifices, blower fans

Electric Equipment

  • Check voltage and amp draw
  • Check elements

Ice Machine

  • Complete sanitizing and delime
  • Clean compressor and evaporator
  • Check water filters
  • Check inlet water valve screens.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of components, controls, and wiring for oil spots, loose wires, loose fasteners, corrosion, etc.
  • Clean the bin interior and unit exterior.


  • Check seals and gaskets
  • Check temps
  • Clean condenser


  •         Check pump and motor shaft for leaks.
  •         Clean pump and spray arms.
  •         Check heating element.
  •         Ensure correct amount of water enters the dishwasher.
  •         Check door gasket to prevent leaks.
  •         Level dishwasher as needed.
  •         Inspect electrical system.
  •         Verify proper water draining.
  •         Inspect and clean removable filters.
  •         Check electronics controls / buttons for proper function.

Offer Valid Till July 1,2020

What to do if you’re temporarily shutting down:

If your business is experiencing repercussions of COVID-19 and you are forced to shutdown or reduce hours – here are some tips to save you from downtime when you’re able to come back.

1. Remove grease from frying units
2. Shut off water heaters
3. Shut off gas hookups to equipment
4. Check for gas leaks 
5. Idle HVAC in the 50’s
6. Remove grease from frying units and thoroughly clean
7. Move remaining food to walk-in coolers
8. Shut down small refrigeration units and freezers and sanitize interiors
9. Flush your beer taps
10. Cover and seal liquor bottles

What we’re doing to help the spread of COVID-19

To our valued Customers,

There is no higher priority to our organization than the safety of our customers and employees. We have been closely following CDC guidance on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) since January in order to ensure our Technicians are not only safe, but are keeping our Customers safe. We are continuing to stay on top of this evolving situation.

We want you to feel confident when our technicians are on-site and working on your food and beverage equipment. As a result we have implemented additional cleaning procedures and have mandated a policy of self-quarantine in the event it is determined that technicians have worked in infected facilities. It is important that our customers alert us immediately upon discovery of exposure within a facility. This notification is critical in order to protect our Technicians, provide proper medical care, and prevent further spread of this disease.

We also believe that by working together we can help reduce the severity of this epidemic. Therefore we are strongly recommending significant additional measures be taken at your site, such as ice and water machine sanitizing, microbial grease trap solutions, as well as strategic stocking of replacement parts, etc. Please reach out to us today to discuss our complete list of recommended precautionary measures to best protect your facility.

To combat coronavirus and other airborne diseases, Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids has added solutions in the form of equipment and materials to meet these pressing challenges. We urge you to take these necessary measures, standing ready to deploy our unrivaled resources to meet today’s health, workplace and food safety challenges. To learn more or to schedule a service call to preventively protect you and your team from coronavirus, please contact us  immediately.