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Proactive Vs. Reactive

Out of sight out of mind, right?  It’s easy to forget about things when you’re not surrounded by them constantly.  Do you have a suggestion box at your office for your customers?  Maybe it’s not even about the service, or treatment they received, but rather if they would review you online – what would they say?  Do you have a comment or suggestion box for your staff?  If word of mouth is your strongest asset, what is your staff saying about you?

These are things we all forget to think about from time to time, because it’s easy to forget the things that we rely on everyday since there’s nothing that’s wrong at THAT moment.  Well, just like your customers there’s a lot of things that keep your business running smoothly.  In the employee suggestion box do you think there would be comments about your equipment and that it’s effecting staff turn around times?  Studies show that people are more likely to anonymously tell the truth then a face to face conversation, this will also help employees to feel more involved in the company.

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