May Maintenance

May Maintenance!

May Maintenance

Hello, May! This time of year is always filled with anticipation, from the blossoming of plants to that little extra feeling of energy. Use some of this excitement to do a thorough check on your equipment. Find an issue? Put in a service request!

Hobart Product News

FreshServe Self Serve Scale

FreshServe™ Self-Serve Scale

Hobart has some new additions! We’re always making advancements to our products. Recently that meant upgrades to our scales. Check out the new FreshServe™ Self-Serve Scale and see how it can make your equipment easy to maintain while supporting your customer’s experience at your store.

Community Highlight

Lunch Break Downtown

Lunch Break Downtown

Need a mid-day break from work? Or looking to spice up your lunch break? Rosa at Rosa is back! Every Thursday starting at noon, there will be food trucks, music, and more to give your brain a break!

Reopen your Kitchen with Us!

Reopening your kitchen can feel overwhelming. That’s what we’re here for! We have all the support you need to get things back up and running. Contact us today to see what we can do for you! In the meantime, you can add these tasks to your to-do list!

1. Remove grease from frying units 

2. Turn on water heaters

3. Turn on gas hookups to equipment 

4. Check for gas leaks 

5. Check HVAC from idling temperatures, clean or replace filter 

6. Remove any remaining grease from frying units and thoroughly clean 

7. Assess any remaining food in walk-in freezers 

8. Check small refrigeration units and freezers and re-sanitize interiors 

9. Flush beer taps 

10. Assess any sealed liquor bottles

Thank You, Teachers!

We wanted to highlight our amazing teachers! Next week is teacher appreciation week, and it’s so important to show our love to the educators of our future peers. For the entire Hobart team, THANK YOU!

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