November 2017 Newsletter

Your Thanksgiving Set-up in Mind

There’s no chance in fighting it, the holidays season is here.  From Thanksgiving banquet set-up, to a menu that sets you apart; all the while the balance of your staff and reservation monitoring can be a lot to manage.  For some of us we’re used to the thought of being open for our guests around the holidays, but for others there may be a decision to make, should you stay open for Thanksgiving?

Are you willing to put in the leg work before hand to set the theme and welcoming atmosphere to have your patrons return for  family holiday?  Do you have the time to add those extra touches for the biggest food holiday of the year?  If you’re already thinking about how you can utilize your current down time, open your doors, take reservations early and ask about special accommodations so when the 23rd arrives, you’re set to go!  Read more…

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