Seasons Are Swinging


Changing Seasons = Changing Menu

As summer is winding down and the seasons begin to change and so does your staff, getting back into the swing of things can be a challenge.  Whether you are in the restaurant, school or hospitality industry September can always be a fluctuating month. Luckily for the industry there’s a lot of room and necessity to get creative.

We all know marketing can help, but sometimes our budgets don’t allow everything we would like to accomplish as the season is slowing down. We’ve said it before but technology can become your best friend. With the low cost and endless opportunities embracing technology to allow your creative juices to flow can increase your foot traffic.

If you’re not necessarily worried about foot traffic and just looking to change things up embrace what your garden has to offer and use all of your fresh veggies before it’s too late and autumn flavors take over. Not sure where to start?

Here are some dishes to get those creative juices flowing:

     late-summer-1         late-summer-2           late-summer-3

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