We’ll Prepare for You!


It’s never too early to prepare…

You may not be ready for the holidays just yet and that’s okay, but it’s never too early to start thinking about creative ways to entice your clients to take a break from their to-do lists and stop in.

Before you know if Christmas music will be playing on the radio and the air will continue to get cooler, so take advantage of the time you do have left and start brainstorming with your staff about what incentives or nightly specials you can create for the holiday season.

Maybe it’s a new look to the holiday brunch menu, or tying in a charity partner with portion of proceeds going to the staffs favorite non-profit when they order something specific off the menu, or even a special display that adds more of a family feel to the dinning room.

Looking for some creative ideas to ‘wow’ your guests?  Get creative!

Fall Flavored Inspiration


If this weather doesn’t have you feeling inspired to create a fall flavor packed menu, which we don’t blame you with these unseasonable temperatures, then get ready to feel the crisp air!

Inspiration tips for to get your menu feeling fall:

  • Farmers markets!  Even if you’re not purchasing making connections with local farmers and seeing what they have to offer will leave you feeling chilled.
  • Look in your own backyard, if you’ve got a garden why not bring those flavors to your own kitchen table and your customers.
  • Apple orchards, the perfect season is right around the corner.  Apples are seriously underestimated in how diverse (healthy bonus too) they can be utilized.