🌲It’s the Holiday (Banquet) Season🌲

Merry Christmas We’re Here for you in the New Year!

We’ve made it this far in the holiday season and we’re headed for the home stretch!  How can we help you finish off 2019 with a bang?  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your business, we truly appreciate everything you do!

Stay Ahead of the Game: Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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🎉 It’s the Holiday Season 🎉

Did you know more and more people are turning to restaurants for to-go meals on Thanksgiving?  More than side dishes, they’re looking for the whole kit and caboodle that looks like they made it.  No shame in that.  Have you tried offering meals to go?  Or if not the whole meal, how about the desserts?  Adding in some options could gain some added revenue.

Turn the front of house staff into reservations masters in 6 steps – 

  1. Create efficient processes for large reservations.
  2. Educate staff to educate customers. 
  3. Stay organized. 

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Stay Ahead of the Game:

Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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We’ll Prepare for You!


It’s never too early to prepare…

You may not be ready for the holidays just yet and that’s okay, but it’s never too early to start thinking about creative ways to entice your clients to take a break from their to-do lists and stop in.

Before you know if Christmas music will be playing on the radio and the air will continue to get cooler, so take advantage of the time you do have left and start brainstorming with your staff about what incentives or nightly specials you can create for the holiday season.

Maybe it’s a new look to the holiday brunch menu, or tying in a charity partner with portion of proceeds going to the staffs favorite non-profit when they order something specific off the menu, or even a special display that adds more of a family feel to the dinning room.

Looking for some creative ideas to ‘wow’ your guests?  Get creative!

Fall Flavored Inspiration


If this weather doesn’t have you feeling inspired to create a fall flavor packed menu, which we don’t blame you with these unseasonable temperatures, then get ready to feel the crisp air!

Inspiration tips for to get your menu feeling fall:

  • Farmers markets!  Even if you’re not purchasing making connections with local farmers and seeing what they have to offer will leave you feeling chilled.
  • Look in your own backyard, if you’ve got a garden why not bring those flavors to your own kitchen table and your customers.
  • Apple orchards, the perfect season is right around the corner.  Apples are seriously underestimated in how diverse (healthy bonus too) they can be utilized.

Living the Easy Life


Proactive Vs. Reactive

Out of sight out of mind, right?  It’s easy to forget about things when you’re not surrounded by them constantly.  Do you have a suggestion box at your office for your customers?  Maybe it’s not even about the service, or treatment they received, but rather if they would review you online – what would they say?  Do you have a comment or suggestion box for your staff?  If word of mouth is your strongest asset, what is your staff saying about you?

These are things we all forget to think about from time to time, because it’s easy to forget the things that we rely on everyday since there’s nothing that’s wrong at THAT moment.  Well, just like your customers there’s a lot of things that keep your business running smoothly.  In the employee suggestion box do you think there would be comments about your equipment and that it’s effecting staff turn around times?  Studies show that people are more likely to anonymously tell the truth then a face to face conversation, this will also help employees to feel more involved in the company.

Looking to save some time?  Servicing your equipment now will help.  We can help with our Kitchen Upgrade Summer Series promotion.

We’re here to help you grow!

Kitchen Upgrade Summer Series

Upgrading Your Kitchen on an Unpredictable Schedule

Summer is around the corner and whether that means schools out and the kids are home, or an evening restaurant rush seven days a week there’s still enough time to be on top of your game and upgrade your kitchen.
If you’re in the grocery store arena you may be seeing some declines this summer with lots of people traveling and eating out more often since the weather is hard to compete with.  Or if you’re on the cusp of your busy season you might be thinking, ‘can my dishwasher really handle seven nights a week, ten hours a day?’ With this year’s predictions of record setting temperatures people will start to feel like their kitchen is the last place they want to be and rely on you for their meals; which means a great summer for you!
An upgraded kitchen is on everyone’s wish list, but the reality is, it doesn’t have to happen all at once.
We can help with our Kitchen Upgrade Summer Series promotion.  We’re here to help you grow!