Save time and Money with Predictive Maintenance

Happy New Year!

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We are so excited to start a new year filled with quality service and equipment. Is your business in need of a service plan for this year? Get ahead of preventative maintenance by connecting with us to see how your kitchen can run smoothly in the new year.

Top food menu items from 2022

Adding New Menus for 2023?

Start fresh with an update to your menu this year! New menus can be amazing for business, enhancing the goals of your business by adding fresh menu items your customers will come in to try. We found an amazing article to share with you about how you can enhance your menu without all the stress! Check out 5 foolproof recipes bound to make your kitchen better than before.

New Years Resolution

Is your kitchen losing money? The easiest strategy to increase your revenue in 2023 is a plan that keeps up with your equipment and reduces the need to replace food equipment. By following a few tips and tricks, like keeping up with your maintenance schedule, your equipment will cause you fewer headaches in the new year. Check out what else you can do to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

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Restaurant Trends for 2023

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Non-Alcoholic beverage options are trending for 2023. New research has found an increase in interest in “mocktails” and predicts the market to grow to 1.3 billion by 2027. Read more below about the delicious market increase.

AI in the Industry

All we hear these days is how AI is coming into our workplace, no matter what industry. For the restaurant industry, AI could help more than hurt. Some experts believe that AI can reduce inflation costs that are hurting restaurants. Sounds interesting to us! Read more below to see how 2023 could be the year your business updates its technology.

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Food Equipment Service Contracts

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of your service contract! Make sure all your food equipment is in top shape before the holiday season.

Don’t have a service contract with us? Give us a call today to see what contract is right for you.

The Rise of Minimum Wage

Challenges are circulating in the restaurant business as discussion of a higher minimum wage is in legislation. It inquires that within the next two years, businesses will be required to pay some employees more than the previous minimum wage, $3.75, therefore encouraging less tipping. There is much conversation surrounding the bill, some owners are concerned about how they will be able to stay afloat while increasing costs by up to 156%.

Product Highlight

Is your food cutter slowing down your food preparation? Check out our top-of-the-line Food Choppers that ensure efficiency in your kitchen. Not only does it chop your food, but it also has the ability to attach a meat grinder or a vegetable slicer. Check out more information below!

Community Highlight

Does your restaurant have a good relationship with your farmers? Share this great news with them! Our Michigan farmers may be eligible to receive benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act. With $1.4 billion being distributed to the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, farmland owners could be eligible to receive support in preserving the farmland. Keep an eye out for more information!

New Year, New Mood

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store - Supporting Restaurants
Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store – Supporting Restaurants

Moving Forward

Cheers to a new year, a new start and help on the horizon! While there are a lot of unknowns, we’re pushing forward. 

Like you, we’ve been reading a lot about what to expect in the upcoming year and how customers will respond to the changes as more things open up. Here’s a great read! Our favorite take away – everyone is used to ordering online and communicating with businesses online, that’s not going anywhere; continue to push all of your efforts online.

Too Good To Resist

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store -  Catering Menu Items

Celebrating in a new way

We know, it’s been a tough year and we get it.  We strive to be your resource and help you the best way we can.  Online shopping is at an all time high – including small business gift cards!  Year over year online spending is up 40%.

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store - Local Search Google My Business

People search for ‘restaurant gift cards’ up 195% month over month, data based on Google search from 2019.  This year numbers are already higher than that.  People are shopping smarter and sooner this year so make sure you’re putting your customers in the know… thanks social media!

Holiday Expectations

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store - Transforming Takeout Tips
Take-out in a different light
People want to support their local restaurants now more than ever!  Even if you’re not planning on doing a typical holiday gift card promotion – get $5 for yourself for every $50 you spend on gift cards – still promote gift card sales NOW!

This season may not be your number one choice of how your food is being enjoyed, but the takeout creativity we’ve seen lately is certainly impressive!

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids MI Restaurant Supply Store - Let Customers Know You're Open

Let your customers know NOW how they can support you!  Preordering their Thanksgiving and Holiday meals will look different, but you can still be with them.  
REMINDER: When sending out pre-ordering emails etc. remind them to bring a cooler to transport meals and keep them warm!

Limited Contact Support

Expert Service. Complete Transparency.  Limited In-Person Contact. 

Your health and safety are our top priority! We remain committed to providing you the level of service you know and trust while adhering to the CDC’s latest safety guidelines. 

Intelligent Technology 

We utilize the XOi Vision app to provide each customer the highest level of service while keeping face to face interaction to a minimum. The platform’s photo and video documentation and sharing capabilities allow you to see what our techs see from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Benefits of Using XOi: 

  • Quickly identify equipment problems and maintenance issues 
  • Provide visual proof of completed and recommended work, shared via easily accessible web-links on your service report
  • Document ongoing equipment issues, allowing you to plan ahead for future service requests 
  • Conduct equipment surveys for existing systems and new equipment installs 
  • Enable remote video support for our technicians, helping them complete your service request in a single visit
Remote Support 
To help minimize the spread of the coronavirus, we have taken necessary measures and precautions to limit in-person contact when in the field. Once your service is complete, an electronic copy of your service report will be emailed to you with a URL link to the XOi secure cloud server. 
We Are Open! 
Our team remains active and is happy to take your calls and requests virtually. 
As we continue to navigate and adapt to the evolving situation, we remain committed to providing our customers expert and continued service, now and into the future. 
Continued Service 
Despite the evolving pandemic, we remain committed to providing you the level of service you know and trust. 
By utilizing XOi, our Service Technicians will still be able to communicate remotely and fulfill service requests if our office is closed.