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Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids is your food equipment partner for a lifetime! Consider us as your old pal, your bestie, your confidant, your BFF, or whatever you prefer to call the people you can depend on forever.

Whether you’re an existing client or looking to form a new relationship for your food equipment sales and service, we’re here to help meet your business needs. Scroll down to see how our relationship can be put to the test!

Product Spotlight

Process Your Success

Food processors help you save time and money – desirable outcomes for all small-business owners. Food processors from Hobart can help you achieve consistent results quickly and efficiently while limiting waste. Whatever the scope of your operation, we have a solution for you.

Check out the different types of food processors from Hobart. As an added bonus, if you visit the link below, you’ll find a tool that will calculate the amount of labor time savings this type of equipment can deliver!

Key Features


  • Countertop Continuous-Feed (Pictured Left): Process 11 to 26 pounds per minute
  • Floor Model Continuous-Feed (Pictured Middle): Process up to 132 pounds of food per minute
  • Bowl-Style (Pictured Right): Process ingredients fast with less waste and prep time
HobartGR- Product Spotlight

Hobart News and Tips

Hobart Announces 2023 Equipment Grant Winner and 2024 Grant Opportunity

 Just last month, Hobart announced the winner of the 2023 Hobart Equipment Grant. The grant was awarded to an Evanston, Illinois-based high school, which was endeavoring to improve its school’s food program. A clear need was presented for an update to its food equipment and Hobart answered the call!

Hobart will offer the 2024 grant program this year. A total of $35,000 in food equipment will be awarded to one school. Click “Read More” for further information.

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Here to Serve, 24/7

If you made it to this point in our newsletter, then you care about forming long-term relationships. We do, too, and here’s how we can help.

Did you know that Hobart GR’s team is always available to service your equipment?

Even if it’s a Friday night, our ten local technicians know their expertise may be called upon at any hour of the day or night. If your equipment goes out in the middle of your dinner rush – even on the weekend – give us a call and we’ll address whatever your needs are. We’ll get you back up and running in no time!

Need some guidance? Use our remote service assistance by sending a picture.

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