ūüéä New Year, New Goals ūüéä

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Setting your goals for 2020

We’ve always found that setting goals can be 2-fold, we start out cheery and optimistic, but in second quarter if things aren’t going perfect it’s hard to stay positive.  Well, after years of experience of running a local business we do know one thing, reliability is our number one priority and how we measure our success year-to-year.

That’s just it, how do you measure your success?  Is it revenue, new menu items, how quickly you can serve a client, or maybe employee retention?  All of these are key performance indicators that can very in the industry, but is our suggestion to consider when placing your 2020 goals.

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Stay Ahead of the Game:

Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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Have you seen our YouTube videos yet?  Get tips on how to keep your equipment at it’s best all year round!

ūüĆ≤It’s the Holiday (Banquet) SeasonūüĆ≤

Merry Christmas We’re Here for you in the New Year!

We’ve made it this far in the holiday season and we’re headed for the home stretch!  How can we help you finish off 2019 with a bang?  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your business, we truly appreciate everything you do!

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ūüéČ It’s the Holiday Season ūüéČ

Did you know more and more people are turning to restaurants for to-go meals on Thanksgiving? ¬†More than side dishes, they’re looking for the whole kit and caboodle that looks like they made it. ¬†No shame in that. ¬†Have you tried offering meals to go? ¬†Or if not the whole meal, how about the desserts? ¬†Adding in some options could gain some added revenue.

Turn the front of house staff into reservations masters in 6 steps – 

  1. Create efficient processes for large reservations.
  2. Educate staff to educate customers. 
  3. Stay organized. 

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Stay Ahead of the Game:

Let your equipment tell you when it needs to be serviced, with
Wireless Sensor Technology

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ūüĎÄTips to Prevent Down Time ūüĎÄ

Helpful tips to prevent down time:

  • Unplug, clean, and sanitize equipment that hasn‚Äôt been used in a while to keep functionality.
  • Monitor your fridge, freezer and other equipment daily for maintained temperature checks to help ensure your food doesn‚Äôt expire.
  • Keep an ear out for any abnormal sounds your equipment is making, if something sounds unusual calling us right away can help save you money!

Did you know that Fall can mean wear and tear on your service food equipment?  
Not only is the temperature change a great reminder to service equipment, Hobart has how-to resources to save you time and money on your current equipment!  
Summer has come and gone and weather it was another all-star year or a little slower than usual, your equipment got a workout.  From sitting stagnate to being overworked it all plays a roll into Fall. 

Hobart Sales and Service – We’re Here to Help You Grow!

Looking to stay ahead of the game?  Learn about our year round service plan here.

ūüćÉSeasons Change Brings OpportunityūüćÉ

Hobart How-to:  When to Clean Your Refrigerator

As the kids head back to school and we work with new schedules comes a lot of opportunity as the weather thinks about changing.  As we all have experienced September can be unpredictable, using this time to your advance is the best piece of advice we can lend. 

Be Prepared:¬†Cleaning and sanitation may not be the favorite part of the job, but keeping ahead of your fall cleaning could pay out in you favor and is sure to save you time later. ¬†If you’re looking to stay¬†extra prepared,¬†predictive¬†maintenance¬†is sure to help!¬†

Effective Training:  Hiring?  Perfect timing!  How much easier is it when we have staff that is doing exactly what you like.  Keeping on top of our new hires will pay off!

Themed Events:¬†Our city is great! ¬†They offer so many local events that when there’s not¬†something going on people are¬†searching for something to do. ¬†Hosting a themed event at your venue or participating in a community event that’s already in the calendar is an excellent way to stay top of mind.

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July 2019 Newsletter

Hobart How-to: Don’t Over Sharpen Your Slicer

Building a better business: 
Environment: A fun, playful, inviting atmosphere is the top tip to a successful restaurant.  An image that is true to what it says it is, is key to return customers. 
Food:  Food should speak to the environment, making a clear statement on your brand through and through.Costs: Restaurants do not earn a great deal of profit on each sale, stating that a 5 percent profit margin is considered successful.
Customer Service:  We can all agree on this one, who you employee and work with says everything!

June 2019 Newsletter

The Secret Recipe   

Everybody’s working for the weekend, including us working on the weekend! ¬†Time to set the pedal to the medal and stay as cool as possible in the busy kitchen. ¬†Try taking the heat down best you can by using ice towels, closing blinds and lose the chef’s jacket. ¬†Did you know adding fresh ingredients to water can help you stay¬†hydrated longer?¬†

If you’re as excited as we are about the warmer weather, then you’ll love the ideas below on how to make the most of the patio season!

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May Newsletter 2019

Fresh Flavorful Ingredients!

It’s finally here; summer! ¬†Staff is on guard to handle the influx of new patrons and we’re ready to get cooking. ¬†What’s on the menu for the next three months? ¬†Did you that¬†nearly 80%¬†of people eat out WEEKLY in the summer? That’s what we’re talking about! ¬†You have ample opportunities to gain some serious revenue this summer with tourists and people looking to try new things.

If you’re as excited as we are about the warmer weather, then you’ll love the ideas below on how to make the most of the patio season! Read on!

April Newsletter 2019

April 2019 Newsletter Banner

More Opportunities this Summer  

Industry trends come and go, but one is for certain, our costumers are getting smarter about what they’re eating. ¬†From clean labels, to health research, to the craziest thing they’ve never tried, people are asking questions.

This is great news for all of us in the food industry, weather you’re a supermarket owner, chef at a¬†restaurant, or a food truck owner people want you to surprise them.¬† Let the creative gates open! ¬†Read on!

March Newsletter 2019

March 2019 Newsletter Banner

Your ROI on Q2 

We’d all love to say that we’re off to the best year ever, but let’s face it with the polar vortex and ice storms with power outages it was a struggle to keep the lights on at times. ¬†Pushing past that, as we look for warmer weather what are you doing to entice your regulars away from trying the newest competition?

Experimental menus can be risky, but very rewarding! ¬†We’ve seen Starbucks do it repeatedly, but what’s the value? ¬†Well, in the days of social media, while people¬†love to post their food, take advantage of the FREE advertising! ¬†Not only give them something appetizing, but that looks good! ¬†Easier said than done sometimes, some tips below. ¬†Read on!