Service your food equipment before school start

Back to school season!

At Hobart, we want to ensure your transition into the school year is as smooth as possible. That’s why we created a quick checklist to pay attention to when cleaning your school’s kitchen.

✓ Check for gas leaks

✓ Check HVAC from idling temperatures, clean or replace the filter

✓ Remove any remaining grease from frying units and thoroughly clean

✓ Assess any remaining food in walk-in freezers

✓ Check small refrigeration units, and freezers – re-sanitize interiors

Industry News

Persistent Issues in the Industry

Interested to see how the pandemic has affected the seafood distribution industry? When the pandemic hit in 2020, it caused processors to look more locally for their seafood and changed their sourcing methods. Recognizing the challenge this posed to the industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released information about their MDARD grant. This grant will “cover costs for workplace safety measures, retrofitting facilities, transportation, worker housing, medical, and market pivots” processors struggled with during the first two years of the pandemic. Learn more below!

Meat Grinder Details

As we enter the last full month of summer, make sure you’re getting in all your favorite summer foods, like burgers. Nothing better than a perfectly ground burger in the summer heat. Are you taking proper care of your meat grinder to ensure the perfect texture for your patty? Check out our YouTube video below to see if your kitchen is on the right track.

Hobart Is Celebrating 125 Years on July 20!

125 Years of Innovation

On July 20th, 2022, our team at Hobart is celebrating 125 years of innovative service to our communities. We are excited to celebrate this anniversary together, made possible by all the support you, our team, and our partners continuously give to our company. Check out how our headquarters is planning on celebrating this month below.

Industry News

Persistent Issues in the Industry

Interested to see where the food industry has been moving this year? The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association (MRLA) released the results of a survey early in the summer sharing insights from businesses on the development of the hospitality industry since the height of the pandemic. The survey showed that businesses are still struggling in multiple different facets of the industry. The main three issues they’re facing: Workforce challenges, inflation, and supply chain.

Summer Scaling

Is it time to update your scale? We have the perfect variety to choose from for your kitchen. A working scale can decrease food prep time and decrease food waste!

Hobart Is Celebrating 125 Years!

Time for a Summer Service Check!

Have your equipment checked by a team you can count on. Reliable service for 125 years.

Summer Produce

June Produce

  • Asparagus
  • Green Beans
  • Corn
  • Peas Rhubarb
  • Berries
  • Cherries
  • Grapes

Reducing Energy Use

5 Ways To Reduce Energy Use

We’re proud to service Energy Star Certified select dishwashers. Not only does it help the earth, but it reduces costs in your kitchen. Looking for more information about the benefits of reducing your energy? The 5 points below are a start!

  • Look for the Energy Star symbol
  • Continuously train employees.
  • Be proactive about maintenance.
  • Implement a startup/shutdown schedule.
  • Consider a different process.

Interested in more information about our Energy Star Dishwashers? Check them out below!

125 Years of Service

Hobart Grand Rapids 125 Years

We are celebrating 125 years this month! We’re thankful to have such wonderful customers and a wonderful team that continuously support our growth.

May Maintenance Highlights!

May Maintenance

Spring is in full bloom and at Hobart, that means checking in on your equipment. It’s important to make sure your service check is completed to ensure your kitchen runs efficiently this Spring.

Hobart Grand Rapids 125 Years

Celebrating 125 Years!

This July, Hobart is celebrating 125 of service and premium restaurant equipment. As we’re getting closer to the date, we have some exciting events to share with you very soon!

Stay tuned!

Green Spring Flavors

Looking to add something fresh to the spring menu? Linked below is an article listing 30 recipes that are bound to be a favorite on your menu. Some of our favorites that were highlighted were:

  • Simple Celery Soup
  • French Potato Salad
  • Fennel Asparagus Salad

What else is trending for Spring menus? We predict that fresh greens, protein-enriched grains, and fresh upgrades to your favorites like pasta salad and creamy pasta! Check out the article below to get some inspiration!

7 Restaurants Trends for Spring 2022

In the restaurant industry, it’s important to know how other companies are developing their business to connect with their customers better. That’s why we’re consistently looking at trends so your business stays in the game. What’s expected from restaurants this Spring?

  • Labor-saving technology becoming more and more apparent in the food industry, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.
  • The simplification of our menus is due to limitations in the supply chain.
  • Continuing to give into the growth of the plant-based product options.

Hobart Is Celebrating 125 Years!

Celebrating 125 Years!

This year, Hobart is celebrating 125 of service and premium restaurant equipment. We’re looking forward to celebrating all year long!

Stay tuned!

This April, Hobart GR is proud to announce our sponsorship to the GRand Taco competition. This competition highlights local West Michigan restaurants and artists.

Restaurants have the chance to say they have the BEST taco, and bragging rights as such, for an entire year!

Think you have the best taco in GR? It’s not too late to register!

Check out the website linked below for more information!

Olga Kitchen has recently announced their support for women in business by launching a grant in coordination with Women’s History month. They are granting up to $10,000 to a Michigan based business owner who identifies as a women.

1. Be living in the US

2. Identify as a woman

3. Business must be located in Michigan

4. Provide a personal statement demonstrating financial need

5. Must provide a formal Business Plan

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Do you wonder why it’s so important to clean your equipment? For some kitchen essentials, like your dishwasher, it increases the life of your equipment. Routine cleaning ensures your dishwasher is running properly to increase the quality of the cleaning process. Don’t forget about your wash and rinse arm!

Spring Cleaning Tips by Hobart Grand Rapids

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Hobart Grand Rapids, MI

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We are grateful for our amazing team that works to create an environment we’re proud of.

Spring Maintenance

March means Spring cleaning, if you need a refresher on what should be maintained, we have a breakdown for you.

Or maybe you need to a reminder of how to clean all your commercial food equipment correctly? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Industry News

There’s no question about the repercussions that COVID has created towards the worker crisis. It seems like now, everyone can use a helping hand. How can you get more applications for the new job opening?

In a recent report about this crisis, specifically in the restaurant industry, it was found that 49% of employers turned to social media to seek out workers. As well, 57% of restaurants reported offering benefits to make the job more attractive. Think about adding these tactics to your hiring strategy.

Spring Menu Trends

Spring Menu Trends by Hobart Grand Rapids
Looking to change up your menu for the coming season? There are a few trends that have made their way into the commercial food industry that can help your business stay in the game. Mainly, whole foods are taking over the industry. There is a huge focus right now on plant-based and whole-food items. From plant-based seafood to creamy vegan ice cream, the plants are taking over the spring menu.

Now Servicing Kalamazoo and Battle Creek!

Hobart Service areas - Battle Creek and Kalamazoo

Extending Service Locations!

Service now available in

Kalamazoo and Battle Creek!

February Service Check

Servicing from Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and MORE .

We’re expanding our Commercial Food Equipment services here at Hobart. In order to ensure every business has access to the service they need, we have expanded to the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo area. Now is the perfect time to have our team check in on your equipment. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Valent-ICE Sculpture

World of Winter is happening right now in Grand Rapids. This year at Hobart, we’re sponsoring the Valent-ICE event happening February 11th at 12:00 PM and 18th at 1:00 PM. This event showcases dozens of ice sculptures throughout the downtown Grand Rapids area. Looking for more information? Click the link below!

Hobart Sales and Service Grand Rapids, MI - World of Winter

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

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2022 Preventive Maintenance

Food Equipment Maintenance

New Year Maintenance

Start the year off right by checking in on your equipment.

Start the year off with a service check.

There’s no better way to go into the new year than knowing your equipment is in top shape. You can achieve this by contacting our team to come in for a service check! Add keeping up on preventive maintenance to your business goals this year to ensure the life of your equipment. Ready to place a service call? Click the link below!

A Clean Start

The new year is a perfect time to start fresh! Nothing’s better than clean equipment that you know is working right. At Hobart, we understand you want to do the cleaning job done right the first time. Check out this video below, and so much more on our YouTube channel, to see if you’re cleaning your dishwasher correctly.

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Holiday Preventive Maintenance

Service Contracts Sign up for your 2022 service contract and get your 13th month free!
Service Contracts

Sign up for your 2022 service contract and get your 13th month free!

Holiday Dining

Who’s doing what with outdoor dining this season?

It’s always interesting to see what kind of creative ways restaurants get people to indulge in the outdoor dining scene. Not only that, but sometimes it’s necessary to get out of the house. Interested to see how some other restaurants are getting people to eat and drink by the fire and heaters? Check out the link below.

End of the year cleaning?

Going into the new year with a clean kitchen is primary for a fresh start. Thinking you’ll wait for a little longer? Take a look below the check out why it’s so important to stay on top of it.